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Clerks (1994)

Clerks (1994)


Brian O’Halloran
Jeff Anderson

Directed by Kevin Smith

Clerks is Kevin Smith’s first film and it follows a day in the lives of two clerks. One manning a convenient store and the other a video rental store. Clerks is a good film and even though the movie was shot in black and white because Smith could not afford to make the movie in any other way.
The black and white shooting gave the movie a certain feel, making it cool to watch. As a matter of fact it came out cool enough to warrant a second part (not shot in black and white) over a decade after this and a planed third over a decade after that as the first two were financially successful.

The movie helped launch Smith into the film making business and it introduces us to some characters which will later play parts in future Kevin Smith films.

The characters in this movie are one of a kind. We have Dante (Brian O’Halloran) who mans the convenient store. Dante is a wound up tight man who is in a loving relationship with a lady named Veronica, but Dante is so hooked on his ex Caitlin Bree. Caitlin cheated on Dante so many times when they were dating, but Dante still loves her more than he does Veronica.

Then we have Randall, the clerk of the video rental store. He is one immature character who would rather live his life enjoying himself by pissing of other customers than do his job. He is also Dante’s best pal and you find him at Dante’s store pretty much three-quarters of the time in this movie.

The movie follows some bad decisions by Dante, concerning his life and his day. His lack of attention when he should be attentive and his total obsession with Caitlin.

We also get to see Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith respectively) as they carry on their day selling weed outside the store.

The movie in one way have been a cult classic and even though Kevin Smith almost went into a financial dumpster because of his desire to make this movie, it played out well for him.
He spent below thirty thousand of his money to make this and it went ahead to make over three million in the box office.

It was from here he launched his movie production company with his friend Scott Moiser called View Askew Productions and together they have made many other movies, some being hits and others being misses.

Clerks is one of those movies you enjoy seeing once and save it for another day probably years later to give it another look.


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