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Fractured (2019)

Fractured (2019)


Sam Worthington
Lily Rabe
Stephen Tobolowsky
Adjoa Andoh

Directed by Brad Anderson

Wow, if you are in for some fantastic thriller and enjoying a thrilling moment in front of the screen then Fractured is the movie for you. The acting of Sam Worthington is so powerful it will blow your mind. Then there is the script that keeps you captivated as you explore the happenings around you.
One minute everything makes sense and you are following what is happening, the next minute you are lost and wondering who to believe in the present matter placed before you.

Then we jump into what seems to be a conspiracy with dark elements about organ harvesting, then we get lost again in a world where insanity is just the only thing that fits the hole left in the puzzle.
What is truly happening and what is not, is what this movie is about as a man is trying to find his family.

The movie introduces us to Ray (Sam Worthington), a man who has had trouble in the past because of drinking and is currently having trouble with his present. His wife, Joanne is tired of the constant fighting and wants them to discuss the direction they are going to go with their marriage.
While driving for thanksgiving Ray was able to soothe his six-year-old daughter, Peri’s bored mind by singing together with her in the car. When his daughter Peri ask for them to stop so she can use the toilet Ray was asked by Joanne to get her a coke and Peri needed batteries for her device.

There we see Ray’s demons get at him, he wanted to buy the coke, coffee, alcohol to pour in the coffee and batteries. The pit stop only accepted cash, so he only had enough cash for three items so he forgo the batteries. Maybe that decision would have mattered much, but it is to tiny a choice to know as the movie develops.
While searching the car for Peri’s compact, Peri was being cornered by a dog. She calls for Ray who sees the dog backing Peri towards a drop. He tries to chase the dog away, but in doing so Peri falls. He runs to try and catch her, but falls also, hitting his head hard.

He and the wife rush Peri to the hospital because it seems she has a broken arm. They took Peri for a CT Scan and Joanne went with her. Ray sits and wait and after sometime he gets up to ask the receptionist about them only to be told no such persons exist here in the hospital. Ray was told he came in alone and did not come with anybody.

This caused him to start to loose it, calling the cops into the matter saying his family are being held against their will.
So the problem is now his words against that of the hospital and to make it worse the CCTV camera’s are glitchy making it hard to really and effectively track Ray’s movement.

The movie is fun to watch and very interesting it is a movie I very much recommend for all to see.


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