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Repo Man (1984)

Repo Man (1984)


Harry Dean Stanton
Emilio Estevez

Directed by Alex Cox

After I was done watching the film I had one of those challenges. I have nothing good to say about the film even though it is a cult classic and upon release it was met with critical acclaim. Not everyone will like every movie that received universal acclaim as good, today concerning this movie I am part of everyone. The movie felt disjointed. Even though it introduced the alien Sci-Fi feel in the early stages of the movie, the connection between that and everything else was just plain silly writing. I felt the directing needed work and it was way too obvious that someone with little or less idea of how to get things like this done was at the drivers sit. The movie was written and directed by Alex Cox

Our lead is a young 80s man in the punk rock feel of the time. He was a dropout and wanted to coast through life without lifting much of a finger. His character was hard to digest for me, maybe because I was not a teenager at time.
He just lost his work as a store clerk, and also his girl to a friend.
Otto after seeing his girl with his friend was walking down the street when a man offered him money to drive a car and follow him. The man told him a lie, which Otto believed, but the moment he started the car to drive off he was attacked by a man, he managed to get away with the car and followed the other man to a garage of some-sort. Otto realized then that the man was a Repo Man and he was offered a job, he turned it down.
He went home to his parents who looked like hippies to find out they have given money promised to him to a televangelist. So he took the job of a Repo Man which was offered to him earlier.
Before we get to meet this young man (Otto played by Emilio Estevez). We see a man driving fast and was stopped by a cop who asked him to open the trunk of his car. The trunk was opened and a bright light shines out of the trunk and the cop is killed. Killed is putting it mildly, he was vaporized with only his shoes were left.

The car the man was driving was also wanted and Otto and his fellow Repo Men were the ones who were after it, but remember in the trunk of the car, there is something alien. As the movie develops we get to find out more about the contents of the car and why the man was driving with it.

Regardless of how the plot sound, the movie just didn’t do it for me. Alex Cox did a follow up comic and another movie to this, called Repo Chick.


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