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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)


Walter Matthau
Robert Shaw

Directed by Joseph Sargent

I have to say this movie is more intense and more thrilling than the 2009 Denzel Washington and John Travolta remake. The screenplay was adapted from a 1973 novel of the same name written by Morton Freedgood. The film itself was a critical and financial success and it was tagged as one of 1974's finest films. The movie’s strengths is in the suspense even if like me you saw the 2009 version first you still going to be left surprised by what is going to happen.

The movie shows us four men getting on a train. Each of these men seems to be positioning themselves, the moment the train gets to a particular stop one of the men Mr. Blue pulls a gun on the trains driver. Telling him this was a hijacking as another Mr. Green gets to the train’s lever he will now be driving the train. Another man Mr. Brown pulls a gun on the conductor ordering him to close all doors. The last one Mr. Grey positions himself at the other end of the train as Mr. Brown and Blue with himself pulls out machine guns and holds everyone in the train hostage.

A call was made to central by Mr. Blue, he gets to speak with Lt. Garber. He tells him that the train has been hijacked and the city should pay a million dollars or he will kill all the hostages. Garber is now the man who has to talk to Blue and keep him calm while he tries to get the money to them.

How they plan to get away with the money down the tunnel is something you have to see for yourself. And unlike its 2009 counterpart this hijacking has nothing to do with the stock market, the hijackers wanted the money.

I was amazed by the production of this movie, in comparison to its 2009 counterpart, if this is a ten, that was a two.
If you look at the actors in this 1974 adaptation you have to just show respect, everyone was so dedicated from the ones who died to the ones trying to keep them alive. The 2009 version on the other hand failed to deliver any performance that is worth acknowledging, which is strange judging by the money spent and the talents at their disposal.
One other great thing I got to enjoy about the movie is the thrilling tension you get when the view is on the train, the movie had tension everywhere. From the control room to the train, everyone involved was getting under the skin of another. You watch this movie and you just hope the people do not jump on themselves before the movie ends.
This is a fine movie one you should see.


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