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The Thing (1982)

The Thing (1982)


Kurt Russell

Directed by John Carpenter

I will not tag this movie as horror because there was nothing horrific about the movie from my view, this is more of a thrilling ride. The acting and directing is top notch and movie delivers on a script based on a 1938 novella named Who Goes There? The book was written by John W. Campbell Jr.
What I like most about the movie is the confusion, and the ending. Other than solving the problem your brain is left to deduce on what to do in the present situation. Just the same way your brain has been hard at work with everything going on at the moment.
The plot shows a team working in Antarctica going face with an alien which has the ability to mimic and absorb any living creature. When it is done absorbing the creature, it can behave speak and act like such a creature. Every cell of this being has that ability and every cell is coded for survival.
Now imagine the chaos when a team of men lets this alien into their midst before realizing what the alien is capable of. The whole confusion also has you lost and wondering who to trust and what you would have done if you were the one in such a situation.

All these starts with a Norwegian helicopter chasing and shooting at a sled dog. The dog runs until it gets to the American research station also stationed at Antarctica. The Norwegian gets off his helicopter, mistakenly blows it up killing his pilot and seems to have lost it. He shoots at the Americans, who came out to see what the commotion was. The Norwegian was killed by one of them.
They let the dog into their station and allowed it to roam about. When they visited the Norwegian station, they found every one of the men there dead. Some in awkward ways. At the station grounds there was something dug up enclosed in a huge block shape. Then they noticed a weird looking mangled like humanoid body.
They take that to their station and took the Norwegian log along. The dog was locked up with the other dogs when at night they heard barking, loud ones. They go to the dog cage to see the dog from earlier before transformed to a weird looking monster, attacking the other dogs.
After killing the monster, they read from the log what the monster was and difficulty in killing it was. Add to that, the dog has spent time with many of them alone, now that we know that any part of the dog can mimic a whole human, how do we know who is human or not.
Wonderful movie and be ready for a thrill when watching.


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