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Abominable (2019)

Abominable (2019)


Starring the voices of
Chloe Bennet
Albert Tsai
Tenzing Norgay Trainor
Eddie Izzard
Sarah Paulson

Directed by Jill Culton

Abominable is a family fun ok movie from Dreamworks and Universal. This computer animated movie is fun for the family and the whole story did not attempt to make any form of deep tale. When it comes to the animated cast the plot stays within the typical.
It is just the regular formula for a family based animation. We have a mythical creature which bonds with a child who has lost a parent (or two) and is withdrawn from the rest of society because of it.
Let us not forget the villains in this kind of animations, they are your typical bad guys who want the creature for their own personal gain.
This movie added a little something, a close knit of friends for our lead girl, as she embarks on this adventure to save her new found friend.

Set in Shanghai, China the plot stars our lead Yi (a young girl) who as we said above is your typical animated character. She is a violinist who lives with her mother and grandmother. She has two friends Peng and Jin who embark on this adventure with her.

The main character in this movie animation is a Yeti who was captured by a rich man who captures rare and one of a kind animals for his collection. The Yeti was one of such creatures in his collection until it escapes. It ran away from the scientific lab with many of the man’s goons after him and settles on a roof at Yi’s house hiding from the helicopters.
Yi goes up to the roof of her home to settle, be by herself and play the violin away from prying eyes when something caught her eyes on her roof. She sees the Yeti and then sees the helicopter (the people after him) she hides the animal and later befriends it.

She calls him Everest and makes up her mind to take him back to where she believes he is from, the Mount Everest. After her is the rich man who once used to have the Yeti in his possession and with him is a zoologist who seems to care about the animal.

The animation CGI is cool, but when you look at the hair movement of the characters you can see that it is a bit below par in comparison to that of Disney.
This animated movie is a nice movie for the family to see together and other than that the movie coasts on average.


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