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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)


Edward Norton
Liv Tyler
Tim Roth

Directed by Louis Leterrier

After the disastrous take on the Incredible Hulk movie of 2003, Marvel reacquired the rights to the movie and wrote a fantastic entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This new Incredible Hulk movie is the second movie in the MCU and the lead was changed from Eric Bana to Edward Norton. The bad guy in this movie started as a man and grew to become Abomination.

The movie plot starts with a brief history of Hulk. It was as a result of an experiment gone wrong on trying to make super soldiers. The people involved are Dr. Bruce Banner and his girlfriend Betty Ross (Liv Tyler). They were to present the whole program to Ross’s father General Ross.

Bruce got the gamma radiation exposure which turns him to Hulk for a brief time when his heart rates goes haywire. In the Hulk state Banner destroys the lab hurting both the general and his daughter.
He moves to Brazil away from the ones he loves, while he is trying to search for a cure for his problem.
An accident in the bottling company where Banner works, aided General Ross to be able to track him down. The General wants Banner for studies to be able to make more super soldiers. The capture of Banner went wrong, as Banner changed to Hulk and got away from the men led Emil Blonsky.

Emil decided to be injected with the same serum that turned Banner and he became a super human. Banner comes back to the U.S. and joins Betty when he is attacked again by Blonsky and his men. This time Blonsky is starting to lose all sense of sanity.

He loses the fight with Hulk. To see what happens after this and you will have to see the movie.

Edward Norton never got to replay the character of Hulk again in the MCU that role went to Mark Ruffalo. Who first came on the scene in the first Avengers movie in 2012. Ruffalo has remained the Hulk since that movie. The reason Norton was dropped is because Norton is known for wanting to have control over the characters he plays. This is not something Disney or Marvel is willing to abide with.
I enjoyed this Hulk movie more than the 2003 crap version. It is also sad that we will never get to see many of the great Hulk stories because of the deal Marvel made with Universal concerning the Hulk movies before Disney bought them over.

I will be looking forward to seeing this movie again, just to get the fun of it. I do not know if we will be seeing Hulk again anytime soon, since the Infinity Stones Saga (the last movie here were Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home both in 2019) is over. His presence in Thor: Ragnorok (2017) was a breather and made the movie so much fun. Disney is launching the Disney+ streaming service where there will be a She-Hulk series so maybe he will feature in it.


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