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Déjà Vu (2009)

Déjà Vu (2009)


Denzel Washington
Val Kilmer
Paula Patton
Jim Caviezel

Directed by Tony Scott

Déjà Vu was a movie that had some unneeded plot holes and it seems the movie was too focused on the action and the intensity of a man trying to keep track with the present and the past, hoping to change the future. The idea of the movie is solid and the movie itself is enjoyable, but many times you just wished they were more being detailed and explained than the action being shown on screen. Directed by Tony Scott and produced Jerry Bruckheimer, I expected more from this movie as both are good at what they do, but in the end the movie is just average.
The movie plot should have been more about the project called Snow White than the happenings around it. In this here movie we have a Special Agent named Douglas (Denzel Washington) who showed how good a detective he is and blowing the mind of FBI agent Paul (Val Kilmer) while investigating a bombing. Paul is impressed by Douglas and invites him to join a special force that are investigating the events before an explosion to which Douglas had shown his skills.
They were using a program called Snow White which allows them to see into the past.
Douglas from his investigation directed them on who to focus the program on, and from there they could see she was contacted by the bomber. So, they start their investigations from there. As they try their best to identify the bomber and catch him.
The movie had many things happening in it and at times you just wished the writers removed some genres and just focused on one thing. Then comes the time travel or the windows to the past concept, please after seeing this movie and you have an explanation to it, please feel free to explain it to me.
They can see precisely 4 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes, 45 seconds, 14.5 nanoseconds into the past. Not only is that weird, the viewing of the past can be seen on screen and recorded for scrutiny. That’s not all, how the writers were able to use this window to the past, to be used as a doorway to send a message to a past self to change the present was just over my head. How this was going to be able to solve crimes, is something you have to see the movie itself to come to understand.
The action in this flick ended up not being enough to save the whole plot holes and weak plot. The movie was just lacking in enough detail to make any sense. It is a movie you can only enjoy if you suspend your senses and just watch. Do not try to reason or think too much about what is happening on the screen, just suspend your senses and enjoy. If suspending of your senses is not possible, I will advise you do not take the time to see this movie at all.


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