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Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Dolemite Is My Name (2019)


Eddie Murphy
Keegan-Michael Key
Mike Epps
Craig Robinson

Directed by Craig Brewer

Dolomite is my name is a beautiful film. That is just the best way to describe the movie. It is a biography, drama and comedy all rolled into one and while watching you keep asking yourself, “where did Rudy get this courage to always bet on himself?”
This movie is about the man named Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) who created a persona called Dolomite and made a name for himself with that persona. It was a hard road for him and it was this hard road to get what he wanted, which was fame that this movie is all about. The explicit nature of this movie may make you think the movie has nothing much to offer than cursing and other silly stuff, but then that’s what the character Dolomite is all about.

The movie starts with Rudy trying to get a DJ on a radio show to play any of his songs. The DJ works at radio station which broadcasts from a record store to which Rudy works.
Rudy also works part time at a comedy club as an M.C., he keeps trying to get some jokes rolling, but his material was not any good.

One day, a homeless man who regularly comes into the store comes in and started rhyming. He tells the tale of a man named Dolomite and his weird adventures, which the homeless man rhymes in an explicit nature.
One day when hanging with his friend, Rudy gets the idea that the Dolomite character could be a good persona to tell jokes. So he goes to the homeless man and his friends who rhyme also and records their rhymes. He takes it home and works on the material to make them funnier and make the rhymes better.
He tried it out at the comedy club where he works and he was a hit. Day after day he sold out, he then records a comedy album and sold it from his car to anyone who wanted to hear Dolomite rhyme.

One day when he took his friends to the movies he gets the idea to make a movie about his Dolomite character and that is where this movie takes off.

The movie production is captivating and the way the script develops just keeps you glued. The movie is almost two hours long, but I wished it went on longer. The comedy in the movie does not start until the production of the movie in the movie begins.
Every actor in this movie wanted to deliver and they did, huge kudos to Eddie Murphy, he went above and beyond. Wesley Snipes also out did himself when it came to his time to play his character, D'Urville Martin.
Dolomite is my name is a movie I can not wait to see again, just to see a man put everything he had on the line to make sure he gets the needed boost to go the distance.


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