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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)


Aaron Paul

Directed by Vince Gilligan

The thought of what happened to Jesse Pinkman at the end of the TV Series Breaking Bad is answered in this here movie. This followup to the series feels so much like watching two episodes of Breaking Bad the series back to back. It had the same ruthless feel and the story carried the simple yet gutless Jesse as we knew him to be.

What I liked about the movie is seeing how Jesse at first tried to get things right and then stumble on his inability to the make the needed gut decision when the time calls for it. We also get to see few of the characters (Walter inclusive) as flashbacks.
I like the Breaking Bad series and agree with most when they say it is one of the best TV Series ever done and this movie can further add to the needed ending we all wanted for Jesse.

Jesse is free after the last episode of the Breaking Bad series. Walter if we recall from the TV Series was instrumental in making sure Jesse was free from his captives. Jesse was held against his will (from the flashback we can see that his will to try and help himself escape was crushed) and imprisoned to make drugs for his captures.
Also from the last set of episodes of Breaking Bad, Walter has finally gotten a glimpse of how bad his decisions have been and the whole length of people who have been hurt because of it. He made everything right by setting up his family’s finances. He also as said above decided to make everything right with the one man he has put through hell, Jesse. After giving his life to save Jesse, Jesse runs off from the scene of the crime splatted with numerous dead bodies in an El Camino. Here is where the movie starts.

Jesse drives the El Camino to his friends home and stayed there for a day before calling in an old friend to try and help get rid of the car. It was then it was discovered that the car GPS had been turned on and the cops were coming. With the help of his friends, Jesse decided to go to home of one of the men who held him captive.

The aim was to find his stash and use that stash to pay so that he can get a new identity and start his life new. This was the journey to which this movie took us through.

The movie is written, produced and directed by Vince Gilligan the man who created and wrote the Breaking Bad TV series. I advise you watch this movie to put a final full stop to the breaking bad series that we loved.


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