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The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)


Vin Diesel
Rose Leslie
Elijah Wood

Directed by Breck Eisner

Vin Diesel has tried many times to venture out of the cage he has found himself in the Fast and the Furious franchise. He has made many of these movies that it has now become hard for critics to see him in another light. Even when he makes movies that are remotely good, they still get weighed down by the weight of the franchise that he has been known with. That said this movie is not one of his good ones away from the Fast and the Furious set.

I did not enjoy this dark fantasy movie and it is not just because of the lackluster conversations which needed work. But the big problem with the movie is the ending. The last battle when they took on the villain made the whole journey of watching the movie seem worthless.

The movie plot is about a group of Witch Hunters who are hunting down a witch queen eight hundred years ago. They found her and she killed everyone who went into her cave, except one, Kaulder (Vin Diesel). He was the one man who survived and killed the witch queen, but not until she passed her immortality into him as a way of punishment.

Fast forward to present day and Kaulder is still having the same face as he did eight hundred years ago and he is still a witch hunter. Only this time the whole witch hunting thing is now an organization, run by the church. Kaulder is assigned caretakers and he always has been since he got his immortality and at the present day he was just saying goodbye to his thirty-sixth caretaker. The caretakers are called Dolan. Dolan number thirty-six is old and retiring. But then he turns up dead.

Everyone sees it as natural but not Kaulder, he investigates and discovers that Dolan thirty-six was murdered. He tracks down the person behind it only to discover they are using dark magic. Also, the dark magic being used is at a level he last witnessed during the time of the witch queen. Something is amiss in the air and Kaulder needs to stop it.

The movie had enough backstabbing over centuries for everyone on earth to forgive one another. But even all the backstabbing which was a huge surprise and the main turning point of the movie could not save the movie from the ending that just made everything worthless.

Vin Diesel managed to handle his part very well and so did everyone involved. But you can get the reason for the crappy movie being the makers of the movie were hoping to kind of launch a franchise. I believe they could have found a better way to get that done, by just getting good writers instead of living the movie as it is.


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