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13 Going on 30 (2004)

13 Going on 30 (2004)


Jennifer Garner
Mark Ruffalo
Judy Greer
Andy Serkis

Directed by Gary Winick

Nothing is as good a feeling like when you get to watch a movie you saw when you were younger. Especially if the movie was wonderful back then and still hits the right spot now, that is how I felt watching 13 going on 30 again, the nostalgia had a grip on me through the movie.
This movie stars Jennifer Garner as the lead age 30 and was directed by the late Gary Winick. Garner was outstanding in this movie and the plot was so simple to follow, which is one of the perks of this film.
What is there to admire in this film is the humor and the delivery of it. The humor is not over the top crazy like an out of place man trying to get a grip of the present situation. And it is not too simple that the same person already has a handle of what is going on. As the movie develops we get to see more and more of the new person our lead is at 30 and the surprises that come with it.

The movie plot is about a young girl named Jenna Rink who dreams of working in vogue and will do anything to be part of the popular girls. She hates being young and having to wait to be older and be in control of her life. She does not seem to appreciate her life now with her best friend Matt.
Matt has a thing for Jenna but keeps it under wrap and on her thirteenth birthday built her a beautiful doll house, and sprinkles some glitter magic dust on it. That was marred by the incident that took place at Jenna’s party.
You see, Jenna invited the popular girls to her party and they decided to come if she would do their homework for them. She did and they came, but tricked her to believing that a guy she has a crush on (which they brought to the party) was going to kiss her. She was to wait in the closet for him blindfolded. They instead took all her food and left with the completed homework. Matt comes in opens the cupboard sees Jenna, she sees it is him not the guy she wants and freaks out. She chases him away and closes the door wishing she was thirty.
Above her was the doll house Matt made for her and the magic dust on them turned out to be truly magical. The next thing we see is Jenna seventeen years later thirty years old and with the mind of a thirteen year old. She has everything she ever dreamed of and more. Sadly, being the most popular girl in school and making it big comes with its downside and that is what Jenna has to face.

The movie just pride itself in such an amazing delivery, and each minute takes you through a nostalgic experience if someone born in the 70s was dropped into this present time.
The movie was a commercial success and received many positive reviews from critics. The movie became one of those movies that when you put on the TV and it is on, you just have to sit through it once again. The time is not wasted as you get another feel of Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo version of star-crossed lovers who get a do over.

13 going on 30 is one of those movies I can bet something in the distant future a remake will be done, but I hope it will be able to hold a candle to this masterpiece of humor back in 2004.


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