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Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

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Kick-Ass 2 (2013)


Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Chloë Grace Moretz
Jim Carrey

Directed by Jeff Wadlow

I just wish I can say Kick Ass 2 really Kicked Ass, but the real truth is that it didn’t. I watched based on a review that I read that the movie although not well received by critics, was actually not that bad, but after watching it I have to agree that the movie is that bad.

The only good thing that I truly enjoyed in the movie is the nicknames or the code (super hero) names that many of them had, it was funny to hear, and funnier when someone else in the movie called them by that name.
We had:
The Motherfu@#er
Mother Russia
Night Bitch
Insect Man

The names were just hilarious, and the worse part (or truly funny part) was when Kick-Ass’s arch enemy now named The Motherfu@#er tried to rape Night Bitch, now rape is not something to laugh about, but there is a rape scene in this movie, sorry I correct myself “an attempted rape scene” in this movie that all has to see.

Kick Ass 2 was just a silly movie, nothing at all in this movie suggested that the makers were trying to impress or making an attempt to do a good job. It was more like people coming together to make a sequel to a movie that was a hit and they had no real fallback story to work on, so they just put some silly things together and called it a movie.

The violence level in this movie is really high, and more sexual references here than in the previous movie. I really enjoyed the first movie a lot, and I was looking forward to seeing what Hit Girl has been up to after the passing of her father, in a way I was just disappointed.

Well, what happened to Hit Girl is that she was now adopted by her father’s friend Detective Marcus. Marcus tried to make Hit Girl quit the hero life by trying to get her involved with other female friends, which worked for some days, till Hit Girl, decide that the world of makeup and gossips is not for her.

Then there is the case of The Motherfu@#er who wanted to get even with Kick-Ass for killing his father, so he started a team of super villains, with one notion in mind to bring down Kick-Ass.

The events that led to the eventually demise of The Motherfu@#er crew, was just too stupid to ignore, so you may want to see that.

Well in conclusion this movie is just not it, but if you crave seeing Kick-Ass getting beating up again, then go queue up to see it.


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