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Storks (2016)

Storks (2016)


Staring the voice of
Andy Samberg
Katie Crown
Keegan-Michael Key
Jordan Peele
Jennifer Aniston
Ty Burrell

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland

I saw stork on a very quiet Thursday not expecting much, but I found myself laughing through this 3D animation. The movie isn’t trying to make any form of sense or even trying to dance on the path between reality and fantasy. It is all round fantasy where storks deliver babies to parents – animals and humans have a common language and a wolf pack can adapt to any surrounding.

Stork is one of those animations that may not do well in the box office due to the story and not too popular adverts of the film, but the movie is good enough to see by both parents and children alike. The animation does not kid itself on being realistic, so when you want to see this movie you have to leave your logical belt outside.

Storks is a buddy comedy animation between a stork and an eighteen-year-old girl, the former was trying to cover up his inability to fulfill a task and the later was trying to do something right. Their mix with a very memorable wolf pack, will live you walking out the cinema with a smile on your face. Now the animation is preceded by a short animation which is a Lego animation and a fun one it was, it gives hope that many good Lego animation can be expected from the Warner Bros animation studio.

Criticism to this animation will come from the standard of this movie, you will not expect a high end studio like Warner Bros to produce such an animation with a story so second class. The other criticism will be in the lines, the movie has funny lines, but the characters seem to be in a hurry to deliver them and get to the next one.

So what is Storks about?
It is about storks who deliver babies to expecting parents until one stork got infected by the cuteness of a baby and didn’t deliver as expected. The baby factory was shut down due to this anomaly and stopped delivering babies but instead started delivering packages.

One stork named Junior was about to be promoted to being boss and his first task as an aspiring boss was to fire an eighteen-year-old girl, Tulip who has been with the company as a result of the incident mentioned above. Unable to fulfill that duty, he placed he in the shutdown baby factory to attend to letters from parents wanting babies. Letter have not been sent since the shutdown and Junior thought everything was safe, until a desperate little boy wrote a letter and sent it. Tulip received the letter and put it in the baby machine and now a baby is created waiting to be delivered. Junior now upset that his plan to keep Tulip out of sight has failed, decided to deliver the baby in secret with the help of Tulip with no other stork being the wiser.


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