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Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)


Renee Zellweger
Colin Firth
Patrick Dempsey

Directed by Sharon Maguire

This new addition to the Bridget Jones’s franchise is worth it, when it came to the gap of twelve years between this movie and the second movie in the franchise. I was worried when I heard that Hugh Grant will not be part of the cast. The second movie in the franchise Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) was not as impressive as the first movie Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), but I still enjoyed seeing the trio back at it.
Hugh Grants has always had the role in both early movie as the villain Daniel Cleaver, so when this movie was out with no Daniel I was worried on what path the movie will play with the new addition to the cast Patrick Dempsey.

What I have always loved about Bridget Jones movies is the free flow of events and how much they try to make the incidents occur in ways that can come out as natural, but too silly to be true. Such free flow was restricted in the second movie, and Hugh Grant’s character seemed unreal and more annoying than he was in the first movie.
Another reason this movie was done well is because the producers did something intelligent which they missed in the second movie, they brought back Sharon Maguire who directed the first.

Sharon is the best person for this franchise if they decide to make a forth Bridget Jones movie, she is close to the characters as the book which the movie is based on was written by her close friend Helen Fielding and one of the characters in it is based on her.

Patrick Dempsey’s character Jack, did not play a bad guy role, his role in this movie is more of a good match against Colin Firth’s character Mark Darcy and his portrayal was well done.

While the movie is going on you can feel Mark having the upper hand as Bridget’s soulmate, but the introduction of Jack will make you start guessing.

The movie plot starts with Bridget clocking 43 and alone. She and Mark broke up and Mark is now married.  The two saw each other again in the funeral of Daniel Cleaver (which is the writers killing off the character) and Bridget struggled maintain her composure on seeing Mark.

Her friend felt sorry for her and took her camping at a concert, there she ran into Jack who helped her out of a mud and ran into him again when she mistakenly entered his tent. Sparks started to fly and they had sex. When she woke up and didn’t see him in the tent she left.
Back home some days later Bridget was invited to be a godmother and Mark has been asked to be the godfather to Jude’s child. Mark tells her that he and his wife are planning on getting a divorce and later on they had sex.

Bridget didn’t want to start things back up with Mark again so she distances herself from him. Things would have been fine here on, but Bridget was pregnant and since she slept with two men between days of each other she has no idea who the father might be.

The whole journey of discovery on the father and how Bridget handled the two men is worth seeing in this classful romantic comedy, which I would not mind seeing a forth part if they decide to go ahead to make one, as long as they keep Sharon Maguire as director.


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