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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)


Robert Downey Jr.
Val Kilmer
Michelle Monaghan

Directed by Shane Black

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a neo film with enough twist and turns to make you happy you and enough comedy to keep you happy. It is a good movie, but the fun of the movie is being able to skip back to see where this twist started and the possible path it wants to take and where that twist ended.
Everything that makes this movie cool, is right in front of you. You do not have to think hard to appreciate the on-screen chemistry between Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. which is what helped Downey get back in acting good books. Also, there is the scripting – it is well done and the movie is just the right length to make you wish more happened and the movie went on longer.

At a party, Harry (Robert Downey Jr.) tells us about how he got to be at this party. Harry was a burglar who when fleeing a toy store he was robbing when his colleague got shot.
The robbery incident caused the police to be on Harry’s tail and to evade them he ducked into an ongoing audition for actors. There he faked being an actor and ended up unintentionally impressing the producers and was giving the acting job of a detective. Harry decided, what the heck and played along and was asked to be at the party to meet P.I. Perry (Val Kilmer) who was hired to give him an on-the-job experience for his role as a detective. Also, he runs into his childhood crush Harmony.

During a stakeout, they witness something like a murder – which then takes the movie down a path of a murder investigation. As Harmony hires Harry (thinking he was a P.I.) to investigate her sister's death which Harry somehow ties to the murder he witnessed.

It is easy to see why this movie did not make enough money in the box office, even I when watching it didn’t feel like this a movie I will like to watch in the cinema. The movie’s suspense and thrill make you want to have a handle on things and be able to go back some minutes to see what happened.
The movie had Joel Silver as producer someone who knows his stuff when it comes to buddy coplike movies. Silver also produced memorable buddy cop movies like 48Hrs (1982), Lethal Weapon series and The Last Boy Scout (1991). Silver’s also wildly memorable action films include The Matrix trilogy and the first two Die Hard movies.
Shane Black did the screenplay and the directing in his first directorial debut.

This is a good movie to see any time of the day, the thrill was cool to follow and the acting pair were never tired of delivering a great performance.


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