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Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

Rambo: Last Blood (2019)


Sylvester Stallone

Directed by Adrian Grunberg

This Rambo Last Blood is a failed Taken (the Liam Neeson movie) in the first 70 minutes, then just a whole lot of blood fest for the remainder of the movie. Talk about gruesome killings, heads being chopped off, hearts being ripped out and just people being blown up. This was not the makers stepping it up a notch, this was them turning the volume from bloody to insane.

To make it worse from my own view, the whole Rambo doing the Taken thing in the first 70 minutes was just a snooze fest. It was boring and even though you would have expected some excitement in the movement and the way things went, the movie went from boring to tragic. It was like they decided that Rambo is forever going to be a depressed hero losing everyone all around him.

The movie plot is starts with Rambo continuing to do good and trying to save everybody. Rambo lives in his fathers ranch with a lady and her granddaughter. One day granddaughter goes to look for daddy in Mexico and gets kidnapped and is being arranged to be used as a sex slave.
Rambo hears of it and as he has been caring for the girl since she has been living with her grandmother with him, he goes to Mexico to go do the Taken movie thing. His idea of hit first ask questions later approach did not help, but made things worse for the girl.

So he decided to make things worse for the Mexican Cartel who took her.

Depressing movies can be good when the plate to which it was served is well decorated with enough things to make your mouth water. Here the depression is served in a plate that you just wish you had control and you can skip all that is happening on screen and get to the good part. The whole 70 minutes could have been summed up in like 10 minutes of screenplay because nothing meaningful happened.

I do not need to dedicate over a hour of my time to understand that someone wants revenge. But note after he made things worse first.

I do not know why they made this movie this way, in comparison to the first Rambo, this is a disgrace. I do not understand why the character of Rambo could not have gotten a better send forth. What I know is that, this is by far not the best Rambo movie there is and I did not enjoy it.


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