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The Illusionist (2006)

The Illusionist (2006)


Edward Norton
Jessica Biel
Paul Giamatti

Directed by Niel Burger

The Illusionist is another movie done in 2006 that about life as a magician trying to get by. In the case of this movie, trying to be with a woman one loves. 2006 was the year we saw both movies this and The Prestige give us the backstage passes to the life of magicians. The Illusionist was more financially successful and other than featuring two rival magicians like The Prestige here we have two people in love.
The movie plot takes place in Vienna and is set in 1889. A young man who would later be a magician named Eisenheim (Edward Norton) falls in love at a young age to a girl named Sophie (Jessica Biel). Eisenheim’s father was a cabinet maker and Sophie was a Duchess, so their relationship was forbidden, due to their social status.
Their love for one another was stronger than the repercussion of their union so they continued to meet in secret, until they got caught. Knowing he may never see her again Eisenheim dives fully into the study magic and traveled the world, becoming a little wealthy himself.
Fifteen years later he returned to Vienna and meets a now adult Sophie and learns that she is to marry the Crown Prince. It is rumored tha the prince is no respecter of women and is cruel to them. Eisenheim conducts a private show for him and humiliates him in the process, causing him to be banned from performing again in Vienna.
Eisenheim asks Sophie to go with him, they could runaway together and be happy, but Sophie is afraid. She explains that they will be hunted down and killed.
Later on, Sophie tries to end her engagement with the Crown Prince, but he was not having it. He chased her into the stables with a sword, in the presence of his servants. Later that morning Sophie's dead body is discovered. Eisenheim becomes devastated and in his devastation he buys a theater and begins a new magic shows. He starts to practice necromancy.
This would have all been fine, until in full view of his audience he summons Sophie’s spirit from the dead. The spirit then reveals that someone in attendance of the show was responsible for her death. This caused a lot of issues later on for Eisenheim and it is all that, the movie is about.
Edward Norton and Jessica Biel gave us some fantastic performances. You watch this movie and you are taken away by what is happening and until you get to end of it, you are wondering if Eisenheim will ever be happy.


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