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Ghost (1990)

Ghost (1990)



Patrick Swayze

Demi Moore

Whoopi Goldberg

Tony Goldwyn

Directed by Jerry Zucker

Ghost is our classic love story from the 90s. Which comes packed with drama, thriller, romance and some comedy. I recall seeing the movie so much and the joy of watching Sam (the late Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) mess up a clay mold. Seeing the movie now, after so many years it does not hold up much in the spiritual arena. I get to enjoy the fantastic acting from the leads with majority of my praises for Tony Goldwyn who plays Carl. I also got to enjoy the comedy, but not much in the romance or the spooky arena.

My critic mainly is on the whole idea of the other side and the movie’s two action scenes. If we are to go by this film’s logic no ghost is moving on then, because who does not have unfinished business. Lets not talk about the demons coming to pick up the bad guys which we do not know which criteria it uses. I can want to argue the whole ghost touching things stuff, but horror movies do it so.. Then the whole Sam taking over Oda Mae’s (Whoopi Goldbery) body scene, please. Then the action scenes, I was like, “people’s life were in danger can you stop with the hunting tactics and just stop these guys.”

The movie shows us Sam and Carl two friends who are bankers. Sam notices some irregularities in some bank accounts and Carl wanted to help, but Sam wanted to handle it himself. Later on Sam and Molly were returning home from an outing when a mugging went wrong and Sam got killed. His ghost did not leave, but stayed behind following Molly everywhere. When Sam sees the person that mugged him come back to his and Molly’s apartment looking for something. Sam realises that he was murdered and knows Molly is in trouble. While wandering about, thinking of what to do, he sees a psychic parlor and goes there hoping for some help. He then realises the psychic (Oda Mae) was a fake and while talking to himself, she actually hears him which freaks her out. It so happens the fake psychic was actually able to communicate with ghosts without her knowledge of she able to do so.

Soon Sam was able to convince her to help him she could hear him but not see him, so together they had to help Molly and stop the bad guys.

Ghost was a huge financial success, making more than twenty times its $22 million budget in the box office. And even though the film received mixed reviews from critics it earned itself five nominations at the Academy Awards, wining two for Best Supporting Actress (Whoopi Goldberg) and Best Screenplay.


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