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Infinite (2021)

Infinite (2021)



Mark Wahlberg

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Sophie Cookson


Directed by Antoine Fuqua


Remember how much we all loved The Matrix, now mix that with The Old Guard, that is what this aspired to be, but failed woefully. The movie is not well stringed together, very incoherent and I have to hand it to the special effects team here. It seemed they got the gist that this movie should be exciting more than the director and the screenplay writer. Their hard work is wasted as the movie tries to keep you entertained with stunts, high-octane car chase or weirdass explosions – all these cannot make up for the badly directed and horribly written screenplay.

The movie just seems to fold in on itself, because the more you get to know what was going on the more your dislike on how the whole thing is playing out. It seemed like a good idea this adaptation of D. Eric Maikranz book The Reincarnationist Papers but the delivery well… glad I did not go to see this in the cinema.

Here is what they had to work with, in this world are these set of people called Infinites. These guys have the ability of reincarnation and some like Evan (Mark Wahlberg) can recall things done in the previous lives they lived. These infinites have a group amongst them called nihilist who believe this whole reincarnation thing is a curse. Led by Bathurst (Chiwetel Ejiofor) they want to end life on earth as we know it. Evan has a secret from his past life which can save humanity from those who wish to end it (Bathurst).

Problem is Evan is struggling with remembering who he is and his deep struggle in this present reincarnation has led him to believe he is suffering from a mental disorder. As he knows things he shouldn’t, has skills, he never learned and understands things more than he should.

His path and that of Bathurst crossed when he tried to get drugs from drug dealers. Bathurst seems to know more about Evan than Evan does of himself. Their innocent meeting in a police station where Evan was being held after his dealing with the drug dealers was going south when Evan was saved by unknown people. They later reveal themselves to be infinites and try to help Evan come to the realization of who he is and the secret buried in his memory. While also try to stop Bathurst

The whole line of - you are special, you are more than who you think you are, seem to be lines picked up from every other movie. The movie stole The Matrix seeking “the one” who doesn’t have a clue that he is “the one.”

When it comes to the acting, I know Wahlberg can do better than this, it is just disgraceful to see him put his performance in the hands of the idea that the plot will do the job. His acting is emotionless and he must have forgotten that facial expressions go a long way in conveying an idea.


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