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The Adam Project (2022)

The Adam Project (2022)





Ryan Reynolds

Walker Scobell

Mark Ruffalo

Jennifer Garner

Catherine Keener


Directed by Shawn Levy


The Adam Project is a wow movie. I loved the assembly of many ideas, which I feel were well placed together to give a cohesion that was slick and entertaining. With a solid cast, well-grounded visual effects, and a story that develops every minute you are watching, this movie is entertaining to say the least. I see no reason why you will not have a good time watching this flick.

You may find the different parts taken from many movies you love give you déjà vu, but from where I was sitting, it was some cool nostalgia. This Sci-Fi action comedy about time travel, has everything from the Back to the Future vibe and it works well because this is what Ryan Reynolds do, takes a character, and make you love it no matter what.

The character to love here is Adam Reed (Reynolds). Adam lives in a dystopian 2050 where time travel is a thing and according to him the world is all messed up. Time travel was achieved by creating a wormhole, which links the present to the past. Adam wanted to travel back to 2018 but crashed in 2022. The significant of 2018 is that’s the year time travel was invented and that’s the year the world was plunged into a dark place. In 2022 Adam goes to his home from twenty-eight years ago and visits his twelve-year-old self.

After some cool discovery on who is before who, the Adams decided to work together to get future Adam back to where he should be. They soon discover how much danger there were in as the hunt for Adam was intensified from the future by a lady named Sorian. Sorian wants to stop Adam from achieving his jump to 2018, because there is a fear that he would discover her dealings with her past self and ruin her future.

The Adams were able to survive the Sorian attack with help from Adam’s past, who was stuck in the past for four years.

I do have some criticism. The movie starts and after a while feels like there is a chunk missing in the beginning. Even though the movie does its best to update us on the things we have missed which led to the present predicament, the feeling never goes away.

The movie focuses on the two Adams, with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo taking a more supportive role.

You can catch this movie on Netflix and you will be glad you did.


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