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Enola Holmes 2 (2022)

 Enola Holmes 2 (2022)




Millie Bobby Brown

Henry Cavill

Helena Bonham Carter


Directed by Harry Bradbeer


I liked the first Enola Holmes (2020) the movie carved its own path and it was gritty where it needed to be and created for me at least, a lighter side to watching Sherlock Holmes being the only know it all. The first movie had its problem, a boring first act and the character of Mycroft was just unbecoming. He was annoying and a drag to the movie itself. This movie took all the cues and removed such things like Mycroft and a boring first act and went just the way you would expect a good movie should go. Enola making her own way in the world where she will always be in her brother’s shadow.

The idea of turning this to a franchise was one I suspected, and I am glad they did a better job here. Netflix has been struggling in creating new movie franchise and it think the old ones are always delivering.

Helena Bonham Carter is also here in this movie turning up here and there to make sure Enola does not get so drowned in trying to prove herself that she suffocates on her own ego.

In the first movie Sherlock (Henry Cavill) was more in the back site to the running of things, here his character was a supporting cast to making sure Enola does not go off the deep end.

The movie plot is about the death of young girls from a matchstick factory. The death is seen as something strange and of the girls working in the factory stole some papers which proved that the owners of the factory are aware of the deaths and why.

Enola Holmes is trying to carve out her own name in the world but is struggling to get clients and when she was about to pack it in, a young girl walks in and gives her a case. Her big sister was missing, and Enola decided to take on the case.

It seemed like a simple missing person case, until Enola got dragged into a conspiracy which involved Lords and Holmes arch nemesis Moriarty.

We also get to see Eudoria Holmes (Sherlock and Enola’s Mother) coming to her aid when the time needed and before our own eyes watching this movie you get to see Enola mature.

I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I could possibly do and if you liked the first Enola Holmes (2020) you will like this one as well. You can catch this movie and the first part on Netflix.


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