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My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988)

My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988)





Dan Aykroyd

Kim Bassinger

Alyson Hannigan


Directed by Richard Benjamin


When the movie starts with too much mumbo jumbo and characters achieving sending a signal at a speed faster than the speed of light to another galaxy, then you start to wonder, what the hell is all this winding up to become. When younger, my aunt had this movie on VHS and I saw a bit too much of it, at a time when I did not know the difference between a good or bad movie. I just wanted to watch something. It is easy to see why this movie was a box-office bomb. It is dreadful.

The story is not sure if it is meant to be a sexual comedy, Sci-Fi comedy or whatever it wanted to be. The acting was a problem as Dan Aykroyd was a miscast in this movie. His performance did not suit this movie’s style and his chemistry with Kim Bassinger is just a fever dream, I could not find it even if I searched with a telescope.

The plot is about Steven (Aykroyd) a scientist who believed that there must be life elsewhere and wanted to send a signal beyond our galaxy to another using the power of lightning to get the most energy to achieve this. He was successful but got fired. The signal beam hit a planet and disrupted their gravity and the alien beings there, sent Celeste (Bassinger) to earth to find Steve, because they need him to recreate the same beam to restore their planet back to its normal state.

Along with Celeste to complete this mission is a one-eyed tentacle creature called bag, disguised as a bag. It has a whole mind of its own and was more focused on the mission when it seems Celeste is side-tracked by her interactions with Steven. Steve on the other hand cannot recreate the experiment again as the discovery of what happened was just a mistake.

So, Celeste must find aa way to recreate the signal transmission to save her planet.

One of those movies that I saw when I was young and wanted to see if I could still enjoy it, but in the end, I guess I should have just left it in the memory bank. It was not worth the time I spent seeing it and I wish that time I could get back.

Even after seeing what some had to say about this movie, some saying that only Aykroyd was the misfit in the movie, but I think with this plot, the movie dived so much into sexuality so quick that it just dulled everything else about the movie.


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