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The Menu (2022)

The Menu (2022)




Ralph Fiennes

Anya Taylor-Joy

Nicholas Hoult

Hong Chau

Janet McTeer


Directed by Mark Mylod


The movie ends with me doing some Google search on what happened to Tyler. The movie is different it is not the way you will naturally stir a movie. This is different and very interesting. I think the best thing about this movie is how everything stares you in the face. These are the characters in this remote location and this what is been said will happen to them, and even though it has been said it is still one of those movies you are wondering how will they pull it off in the end? Will it be Poison, Arson, Guns, Fight, WHAT!!!!?

The movie is a comedy horror, which I did not actually get to see the comedy. Maybe it went over my head, but the idea that a character who is privileged to know how things will end, decided to bring a date makes that character the worse person I can imagine. For me this is a horror-thriller which was just well crafted to capture your attention to the very end.

The movie is about a chef (Ralph Fiennes) who seems to have reached the top and there is no where else to go. He then has these people in a list whom he believes are the reason he has lost the will to continue to be a chef and decides to invite them to his restaurant and give a grand menu that neither of them will ever forget.

There is one wrench in the works a lady named Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy). She was not on the list of the planned guest who should be at the restaurant on the remote island. It was obvious unlike the rest who seem to relish the idea of being cooked for and eating the meal from this celebrity chef, she just did not eat anything hating the way the thing is being presented and even the meal before.

She also was the one who did not know why this Chef is being celebrated and stood-up for herself when it mattered. Her confidence was shot when one of the guest’s infidelities was exposed and he tried to leave and then got hurt.

Add to that, one of the junior chefs died after a funny conversation.

Everyone now wanted to be out of there and we get to sit and watch how they will either get away from this or even they will survive it at all.

Fantastic acting, wonderfully writing and directed to a level to precision that makes the you enjoy each moment and not notice how much time has gone.

This adds to my saying that we do not have to spend three hours or two hours plus to have a fantastic movie.


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