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A Cinderella Story (2004)

A Cinderella Story (2004)


Hilary Duff
Jennifer Coolidge
Chad Michael Murray
Regina King

Directed by Mark Rosman

Since this movie was released I have seen it more than twenty times and the only person to know that will be my Sister. I have always had a soft spot for this movie since its release and enjoyed the way the plot plays out to what look like a modern day Cinderella tale without the magic.
I have to be honest it was movie I liked and never told anyone of my friends back then in the University because I knew they did not like it. The movie is predictable, no unexpected twist and even the acting by some of the cast (especially Sam’s step mother and sisters) were too weird to rate.

Regardless I do not know whether it is the way Sam (Hilary Duff) and Austin (Chad Michael Murray) relationship blossoms or just that I am a helpless romantic – I still find this movie easy to watch and will probably be seeing it again in the future.

The movie starts with Eight-year-old Sam living with her widowed father who runs a popular, sports-themed diner. Her father later on marries a vain and selfish woman named Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge). Fiona has two daughters from her previous marriage and hides her true nature from Sam and her father. During an earthquake Her father is killed trying to save Fiona and her daughters. As he supposedly left no will, Fiona takes charge of the dinner and re-brands it in her creepy way.

Sam is now grown and works at her father's diner as a janitor saving money for her dream college, while dealing with daily torments from her stepfamily.

Sam has an online pen pal she calls Nomad who goes to the same high school with her whom she confides in. They share the same dream of attending the same college. Sam's best friend is the outcast Carter (Dan Bryd) and there is Rhonda (Regina King) the diner manager who cares for Sam like a mother.
Nomad proposes that he and Sam meet in person at the school's Halloween dance. Reluctant at first Sam is persuaded by Carter to go and meet her pen pal.

It was this decision that sprout the Cinderella transformation and Cinderella story.

If you want to take the time to analyze the plot in this movie you are going to see many things to criticize. The silliness of the characters or the way the plot takes something simple like a will and complicates it to be more than it is, made this movie so bad that it is good. Then how come both of them could not recognize each other in their masks, could be arguable.

The movie has developed a weird following over the years and it was a box office success and not a critical one. Notably critics pan the movie for it being so plain and generic. None in particular found any of the actors magnificent.
I guess it is just the plain simple love story that I have come to enjoy anytime I am seeing this movie and watch it knowing that all good things happen to Sam in the end.

The movie funny enough has had four direct-to-DVD sequels starring new ladies all having their own Cinderella story. I have not seen any of them and will probably not because this is the only one that matters.


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