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Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually (2003)


Alan Rickman
Bill Nighy
Colin Firth
Emma Thompson
Hugh Grant
Laura Linney
Liam Neeson
Martine McCutcheon
Rowan Atkinson

Directed by Richard Curtins

To start to write a review of Love Actually is easy, but then to pen down the plot without leaving out spoilers now that can be hard, but worry not no spoilers here. Love Actually has in many ways become one of those movies you will catch showing on TV during Christmas . The movie is beautiful, well written and does justice to the many stories it carries and yet segments, then loosely linking them together.
The movie is one of those finely tuned, it place each story in a section in your life to which you can relate. Which made the movie even more glamorous and the casts are all well suited for their role and made the whole journey worth every minute.

The movie has like nine stories all happening and the way Curtis did the movie it is not hard to follow. We have a fading musician named Billy who covers a song which he dislikes. His manager wanting to make the song a hit, promoted the hell out of it.
We then have another story involving a young lady getting married to her man, while the best man we discover has a huge crush on her and wishes she was his.
There is another story of a man named Jamie who finds out his wife is having an affair when he comes home when he is not expected. He withdraws to a secluded place and starts to develop feelings for the housekeeper.
The other tale is about the wondering eye of a married man Harry played by the late Alan Rickman. He wants to have an affair with his secretary Mia, but the bumbling behavior of a store clerk (Rowan Atkinson) were making his plans all tangled up.
The very awkward tale of the British Prime Minister and the American president, has both having an eye for one of the ladies working at 10 Downing Street. Her name is Natalie and the Prime Minister has the hots for her, but the American President seems to categorically think he owns everything and flirts with her.
The story of Sarah is kind of sad as we see that her life is being truncated by her care for her mentally ill brother. But this Christmas she has decided not to just care for him, but also for herself and by letting a man into her heart.
The funny tale of John and Judy is about two people acting out a sex scene in a film, and fall for one another.
Those are the main love stories in the movie, there are other stories which did not hit home for me, but were funny all the same.

The movie pays homage to the people who died in the 9/11 plane crash in its opening scene before it dives into the different love and comedic stories you can find of people trying to get their lives together. The movie also took some jives at some political tones at the time.

Being what it is, Richard Curtis penning the screenplay and also here was his directorial debut, the movie was a huge box office success. Even though critics were halfway when it comes to the movie, while many audience love it including me.

I have seen Love Actually so many times in my life that I cannot count, and I wonder if that is the same for you.


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