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The Parent Trap (1961)

The Parent Trap (1961)


Hayley Mills
Brian Keith
Maureen O’Hara

Directed by David Swift

This is just as interesting as the 1998 Lindsay Lohan version I enjoyed every bit of it and the movie is more crude as there are some slaps being thrown around even a punch. That said what I really admired most is the work done by Hayley Mills. She is a fantastic actor. She was just magnificent and made the whole thing seem so easy. I have seen people do dual roles before, but what she did in this movie will be the standard to which I will compare.

Then comes the screenplay which was written by David Swift (who also directed this picture). He took the German book to which this movie is based and made a classic of a screenplay. the 1998 Lindsay Lohan version uses more than 80% of the screenplay written by David Swift.
The first Parent Trap I saw was the 1998 Lindsay Lohan version, which I have to say was for me like The Princess Diaries (2001) a movie I could see again and again. So, I decided to take a swing at the original Disney version done in 1961, which was produced by Disney himself and it is exquisite.

The story starts at the all-girls camp where Susan and Sharon (both played by Mills) first met each other. There was first a rivalry between the girls which led to some unexpected outcome and both girls got locked together in a cabin in the hope they will learn to get along. Some of the cruel stunts they pulled on one another were funny to the bone.
It was there that they became friends and discovered that they were twin sisters (this discovery was better handled realistically in the 1998 version).
They also discovered that, their parents most have each taken a child after they split up. The knowledge that the other parental pair was other there raised an urge for them to meet the other parent.
They got planning and made the necessary changes to their appearances plus mannerisms so that they can fool the other parent. The plan worked and both got to know the other parent, but things take a turn when Mitch their father was planning on getting married to a young lady named Vicky. The girls did not take kindly to this new person trying to join their family and decided to do something about it.

When the credits come in the only thing that still stands out is how Mills virtually carried this movie. The Parent Trap screenplay can be predictable at most times, but it delivers the need fun and excitement for a family time, add to that Mills timely comedy mannerism is worth seeing.


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