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Artemis Fowl (2020)

Artemis Fowl (2020)


Ferdia Shaw
Lara McDonnell
Josh Gad
Tamara Smart
Nonso Anozie
Colin Farrell
Judi Dench

Directed by Kenneth Branagh

The person who signed off on this script to be made to a movie should receive a query.
This movie is not entertaining and for a movie about a secret family protecting the world from stuff we can only imagine, I expected gadgets. All through the movie I kept expecting to see Artemis suit up and gadget like things, but nothing like that happened not even a single cool human gadget was present.

The whole fairy gadget stuff, were two things one thing that pause time and a gun. The aculos I dont know where to classify that, when you watch the movie you will understand.

This movie is an hour and thirty minutes long and I spent the first hour growing to dislike Artemis. The movie is meant to spark a franchise from the way it was setup, but how can you make a franchise from a movie that only sparks annoyance. Not only was the character of Artemis annoying he was totally unbelievably unrealistic.

The first one hour was spent giving the movie some depth. That would have been something worthwhile in the coming installations, if not that the whole giving depth was so boring I paused the movie to take a hour nap. The movie is based on a book titled Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer in 2001.
I get to learn that Artemis (a twelve-year-old) is a loner and the only person he cares for and respect is his father. His father on the other hand is always on some secret mission and is hardly around. His father teaches him things about fairies, trolls, goblins and dwarves from the magic world. We the viewer get to learn of a world of magic beneath our feet.

When Artemis Fowl Sr. goes missing, Artemis Fowl Jr. gets a call that he should locate the Aculos and bring it to the person for his father’s release. Artemis with the aid of his father’s butler Dom and his niece Juliet came up with a plan which warranted catching a fairy and ransom that fairy for the Aculos and free his father.

They caught a fairy named Short and the others came to free her. Here is when things start to happen, it is funny that the above explanation takes an hour to happen in this movie. When the action and somewhat fight happens in the Fowl Manor, the story still did not pick up.

Here is a movie that is supposed to catch the attention of children and adults and the first one hour is uneventful and the main character is unappealing. Then when the action takes place get ready for the most anti-climatic thing you can find on TV. The whole build up and my whole investment of time ended in a flash, a literal flash.

Something weird about this movie also, here I blame the director. It was like there were too many things happening for us to get to see everyone in the movie do stuff. Of all the things happening none is interesting enough to matter.
We have the Juliet character who was introduced and hardly used in the movie. Dom was hardly useful to the movie also and even Artemis did not have enough screen time to make change the impression of an annoying young child.

Disney spent $125 million to produce this movie and unless Disney has more money to waste this movie will be the last we see of Artemis Fowl. You can catch it on Disney+ if you are in need of a good nap.


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