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Pretty Woman (1990)

Pretty Woman (1990)


Richard Gere
Julia Roberts
Hector Elizondo
Jason Alexander

Directed by Garry Marshall

Pretty Woman is a romantic classic and even though as you would expect from something that Disney has a hand in production it is not realistic, we get a sort of Disney style fairy tale. Here the man rescues the lady from the mean life of the street and she saves him in return from the meanness of himself.

That said, Pretty Woman is one of those movies you will never forget seeing, it is a classic Rom-Com where the comedy hits home at the right places and the romance is well tuned to get you to go all mushy.

The movie plot is about a business man Edward (Richard Gere) who misses his way and ends up in at a Red Light District. There he meets a prostitute named Vivian (Julia Roberts) who charges him $20 to guide him to where he was going. He likes the way she carried herself and offers her money to be his pretend girl friend for a week, so he can show her off at social events he had to do that week.
He gave her money for to buy new clothes and look fashionable for the events.
He falls for her when he sees a cleaned up version of Vivian and a sort of relationship starts which was not meant to be as they were from two different sides of the world. But will Edward let that stop him?
That is what this movie answers.

With the way movies are written now-a-days with female heroines and all the stand for yourself stuff, this movie may not age well in many scenes. But the romance and comedy still resonates. The main thing about this movie that makes it one of the top romantic movies to see regardless of what the critics say about it, is the acting of leads. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere made a fine onscreen couple.
Their portrayal of their roles will forever remain glued in your mind when you see this movie, (if you have not see it before) and it was this movie that introduced me to Roberts.

Over the years her numerous Rom-Coms in the 90s have been legendary films I will forever see though whenever I catch them on TV. Roberts won a Golden Globe for this movie and as said Roberts did some of her best Rom-Coms work in the 90s. Two I will forever cherish as classics are My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) and Notting Hill (1999).

The movie is directed by the late Garry Marshall [New Year’s Eve (2011)] who did a fantastic job in his interpretation. Marshall also worked with Roberts in Valentine’s Day (2010) and Mother’s Day (2016).

The movie was a huge box office success worldwide and has been developed into a musical and has an amazing soundtrack.


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