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Poms (2019)

Poms (2019)


Diane Keaton
Jacki Weaver
Pam Grier
Celia Weston

Directed by Zara Hayes

I think the best way to say this is, the movie had a talented cast and wasted it on trying to make a point that needed not to be made in the context to which this movie was crafted. I knew what the movie was about before I saw it, old women trying to do some cheer leading, but I expected more than just that. The movie did not inspire in anyway neither did the comedy hit home at anytime.
The movie only had me laughing once at a joke that I saw coming, but liked it anyway, Hey! you don’t say over my dead body in a retirement community.

The movie had an idea of old women standing together to have fun doing something that is way out of their league demographically to consider. In the end I feel old people will not find this movie entertaining, the whole idea of making them have adversaries in a son wanting her mother to be safe and the retirement community supervisor thinking it is immoral did not pan out well. Especially when the son was a jerk and the supervisor not actually having that much power to matter.
I felt the movie would have been better served if the adults did what they wanted and not have to scale unnecessary hurdles that did not even stand a chance.

The movie introduces us to Martha (Diane Keaton) who is a single old woman dying of cancer. She is alone as she never had children and does not want to die all hooked up to machines. She forego the cancer treatment and moved to a retirement community. There she is taken round and told she can join any of the clubs or start her own.

She meets her next door neighbor a very in your face lady, Sheryl (Jacki Weaver) and Sheryl kinda forced Martha to open up and they formed a friendship. It was Sheryl who saw an old picture of Martha in cheer leading uniform and asked her to go pick up the pompoms again. Sheryl did not really mean it as we find out much later, but Martha took the idea to heart and started a Cheer leading club to the dislike of the community supervisor.
Soon she had enough ladies and they start to practice and wanted to compete and show what they know.

I cannot in good faith ask anyone to see this regardless of any age, the movie is not a good way to make old people feel like getting up and doing something. The movie itself made mockery of the idea of getting up and doing anything instead of laying down.
I expected more and was disappointed that the movie did not even bother to add even a twist in the plot.


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