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Mr. Bean (1997)

Mr. Bean (1997)


Rowan Atkinson
Peter MacNicol
Pamela Reed

Directed by Mel Smith

When this movie came out my sister and I were so eager to see it because we were huge fans of the Mr. Bean series by Rowan Atkinson as the lead character Bean which we have seen numerous times. We never got tired of his slapstick kind of comedy, and they were delivered in doses of like 10 – 15 minutes stories. When we got to see this movie of Mr. Bean’s character in an American setting, we set the standard high and this movie did not meet up to that standard.

The movie felt too long and having to deal with Bean and the Langley family seem like one slapstick comedic scene too many. The second Bean movie (Mr. Bean’s Holiday) done ten years after did a better job of taking the focus off Bean for sometime to focus on other people.
Here Rowan Atkinson had to carry the movie, and they recycled some of the previous gags me and my sister were already familiar with from the TV series. In fact that we made it through to the end of the film was a miracle. After laughing for a while, we got bored and was wondering when the movie was going to end.

The movie plot takes us to a London art gallery. Where Bean works as a security guard. We get to see his well-meaning yet clumsy and destructive nature make him not liked. The gallery's like managers hate Bean for being a slacker and wanted so much to fire him, but could not because the Gallery's chairman threatening them, they had to keep him on the payroll.

When one of their paintings got sold to an American philanthropist, the gallery has to send someone to America to deliver it. With all joy they nominated Bean to go so they can get rid of him. They crafted a fake profile for him and sent him to America. There he was to live with the Langley’s and he made their home a living hell with his slapstick way of living. Also all he had to do was present the painting and Bean could not even do that making a whole mess of everything and almost ruined the lives of the Langley’s family.

The movie was not a critical delight, but many wanted to see Bean and so it became a box office success. Here is a movie you can only see once and not again, because you will get tired of the slapstick comedy way too quickly and wish the movie was shorter in length.


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