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Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3 (2000)


David Arquette
Neve Campbell
Courteney Cox

Directed by Wes Craven

Not written by Kevin Williamson like in the first two movies, mind you.

Scream 1 and Scream 2 had plots that will make you sit and be happy as you watch things unfold. Both previous movies had the juice and thrill needed to forever remain our minds as slasher classics.
Both were not just critical successes, they were also commercial successes and before you knew it, the producers started working on the lackluster, weak plot and unbelievable scenes of Scream 3.

Scream 3 is one movie you will not be laughing with, but a movie to laugh at. Thrill and suspense were so much plastered everywhere it became ridiculous, then there was this thing about “Trilogies” what a load of crap. The movie not only wasted your time, it even made Sidney look like a supporting cast.
Then there was the final, where the killer is on the loose and needs to be stopped. Everyone was in the same place, same building and a killer was on the loose, stay in one place and beat the shit out of him. Our actors didn’t do that, they were all running around and making a mess of things.

This movie was more like a bad B-Movie and the plot shows Sidney living in a house cut out from everyone. Now that can be understandable based on the things that happened in the first two films. From Scream 2 Gale’s book was being made into a film and now the third part of the film Stab 3 was being worked on.
Death comes again as someone involved in the movie Stab 3, is killed with a picture of Sidney’s mother stuck on the victim.
This made everyone uncomfortable, but no one could predict that another person involved in the movie will also get murdered. This led Dewey who was on the set as a consultant and Gale who went to the set when she heard of the murder to join forces and start investigating.

Over at Sidney’s, things were now becoming crazy, as Sidney is being hunted by the memory of her mother (all this is tied to something in the movie that the writer or director did not bother to explain or bring up).
When the killer finds Sidney (I have no clue how) she leaves hiding and goes to the set of Stab 3 to join Dewey and Gale as they start to hunt for the killer.

Well the hunt for the killer didn’t go far as the person behind the killing, as it was in Scream 1 and Scream 2 was someone amongst them.

The movie was a commercial success but a bad movie and not worth mentioning as part of the Scream franchise.


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