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Set It Up (2018)

Set It Up (2018)


Zoey Deutch
Glen Powell
Taye Diggs
Lucy Liu

Directed by Claire Scanion

I’m not much of a fan of Netflix Original movies, but this Set It Up is one of the good ones I have seen. The movie goes one way that you can completely guess all the things that will happen and who will eventually end up with whom – but call me a sucker for romance I still loved seeing it happen.
There were some parts in the movie that I did not expect will go the way it went, but all that added to the needed excitement. I had so much fun watching two people try to make two others fall in love and they fell in love in the end.

Now when you must see a movie like this I have to warn you, it is completely a romantic movie with lots and lots of comedy added. Made for the fans of a happy ending in a completely fictious set of incidents that will make you wish your life was a romcom movie.

The movie plot is about two bosses. One of the bosses is named Kristen (Lucy Liu) a former journalist and now a highly successful entrepreneur running her own online sports site. The other boss is Rick (Taye Diggs) another very successful entrepreneur who runs an investment firm.
These two bosses are the high priest and priestess from hell, they are mean, brutal, narcissistic and selfish. They exploit their assistants to help keep their lives running and cannot be trusted to come through on their promises or even keep to a schedule.

Their assistants (the leads in this movie) are Harper (Zoey Deutch) an aspiring sports writer who started working for Kristen in the hope of becoming just as good a writer like Kristen. The other assistant is Charlie (Glen Powell) who is working his ass off so that he can finally get promoted and not have to be the one chasing after Rick anymore.

Both bosses work in the same building and one day the assistants met and during their discussions they discover that their bosses are alike in being mean and cruel to them. So, with the aim of trying to get a life outside serving these two wicked souls, they decided to try and set them up to see what happens.
After the first attempt yielded results of free time for them, they turned it up a notch to make sure both end up happy together. Both bosses are unaware they were being played by their assistants and kept thinking they were acting on their own free will. Things were going great and the bosses were getting along, until Harper found out something about Rick and everything came crashing down fast.

Well acted, well put together and a fine movie to see on Netflix.


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