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Tag (2018)

Tag (2018)


Ed Helms
Jake Johnson
Annabelle Wallis
Jon Hamm
Jeremy Renner

Directed by Jeff Tomsic

The whole idea of making a movie based on the true-life story published in The Wall Street Journal must have been good on paper. On screen the movie is as boring as hell. The comedy is not the kind that gets you laughing straight up when things happens.
The funny bits are too dull to make you giggle and the parts that are to make you giggle make you doze off.
The cinematography is nothing special, the whole effects can be annoying and the cinematic portrayal of the tag when they attempt to tag Jerry (Jeremy Renner) is completely pathetic. In fact, this whole movie can be better said to be a waste of valuable time. The acting was not spectacular and worse still, there were no memorable moments only moments you wish you didn’t get to see.
To add to that, the writers could have done better when putting to together a movie about a group of grown men (starring Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner) who once a year (a whole month) take time off to play a game of tag.

The movie jets off when one of them tells the others that Jerry, the one man who has never been “IT” since they have been playing this game is going to quit. This made the rest of the squad gear up along with a writer from The Wall Street Journal to make sure that Jerry gets tagged. The writer was interviewing one of them when she heard their plan and their game and decided to write on that instead.

Whole plan was simple tag Jerry and end his reign as the one person that has never been “IT.”

Jerry was getting married and the others believed this will be the best time to get him as his mind will be focused on the marriage and less on the others. They were wrong as Jerry was well prepared for them and was willing to go all out, far and beyond to make sure he never gets tagged.
Things get sideways in many ways like the introduction of a lady who was a former love interest to two of the men (and whose existence in the movie is so not necessary). Many other psychological games were played by the team all in the name of tag.

I will advise you go use your money to get better comedy, or just go to a park and watch kids play tag for real. You will have better deal for your money watching kids do it life than watching this movie drag it out for over an hour and a half.


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