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Thoroughbreds (2017)

Thoroughbreds (2017)


Olivia Cooke
Anya Taylor-Joy
Anton Yelchin
Paul Sparks

Directed by Cory Finley

The suspense in this movie is downplayed in such a way that you will think you have a clue of where the movie is going, and it turns out that the movie had other plans. I like movies like this which take it on themselves to be their own reality. What I mean is, the movie plays out like life it gives us characters who are selfishness, cruel and their self-preservation takes front and center in their decisions.

The movie was a box-office bomb, even though it was well received, and I will not have heard about it, if I did not do my regular search for movies that were good, and I believed I missed.
Sometimes flipping through Netflix or visiting the Looper site to find out movies you have probably missed can be very heartwarming when you come across a movie that you watch and like.

Socially disordered teen named Amanda (Olivia Cooke) (in this last movie that Anton Yelchin starred in before he died), euthanizes her horse which was crippled and is under animal cruelty charges.
Amanda had a friend named Lily growing up and they have grown apart. Since Amanda was not socially inclined her mother paid her former friend Lily to hang out with her. Lily felt guilty for taking the payment and choose to hang out with her former friend after the first payment.

During their studies Amanda notices that Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) dislikes her step-father. The uptight Lily loosened up and made some improvements in getting loose after she gets upset at Amanda for prying too much. There a bond of friendship renewal was born.
Lily’s step-father is very annoying and during a very weird confrontation with Amanda present – Amanda suggested to her friend to consider killing her step-father.

At first Lily was not down with the plan, but later agreed to it and they formed a plan to carry it out in a way that no-one will be implicated.
The plan as you will expect did not go as they wanted and Lily had to improvise, in a way that is too freaky for words and I will ask you see this film to enjoy it.

The movie's acting is top-notch, when two disturbed girls find pleasure in each other and try to make their lives better.
The movie was concluded fourteen days before Yelchin's death and it holds a high critical reception from critics and it is worth all the praise. Everything about the movie from its pace to its portrayal is great and well done. This is a movie worth seeing anytime and is one I hope you do not miss.


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