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Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

Isn’t It Romantic (2019)


Rebel Wilson
Liam Hemsworth
Adam DeVine
Priyanka Chopra

Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson

Isn’t It Romantic, the answer to that question is “No It Isn’t.”

There is nothing funny or romantic about this romcom on a lady who in the hospital bed fell into a universe where everything in her present life is different.
This movie is supposed to be about lady finding her voice and discovering her self esteem and learning what love is about. What we end up getting is a world turned upside down and a promise that everything will make sense if we continue watching, but the writers forgot to make any sense of what we saw.

The movie plot is about Natalie (Rebel Wilson) who grew up being told romance is not real and she had to get it out of her head that all that she saw on TV could happen. She did and grew up not wanting any attachment, add to that she is timid and gets pushed around in the office even though she is a senior staff.

After a day in the office and on her way home Natalie is mugged on the subway. There was a struggle and she manages to get away from the mugger, but just only to knock herself unconscious by clumsily walking head-first into a steel girder. Natalie wakes up in the hospital and immediately notices that things are different. She gets out of the hospital and sees that the world has changed, her apartment is now bigger,cleaner and she has new friends and old friends are now enemies.

A billionaire who cared less about her existence in her previous world now has the hurts for her and is willing to do anything to have her. Soon Natalie discovers that she is living in a romantic movie style life. She plays along with it and soon cannot wait to be back in her real life.

The movie idea is sounds good when read, but it is a complete eye sore when seen. Major criticism goes to the way the actors related with one another, they did so distastefully with only Rebel seeming to be in so much fun that she did not care what the others were doing, or what they smoked. Probably weed because you gotta be on something to get to make this movie.

In the end the movie had a dance number, which just added to the height of lameness this movie had installed for us and for you if you venture on the path to see this movie.


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