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Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)


Michael Cera
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kieran Culkin
Chris Evans
Anna Kendrick

Directed by Edgar Wright

Not every movie is for everybody, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a movie not for everybody. Regardless of the critical ratings not everyone will be willing to match to go see it. One thing I will give the movie thumbs up for is the idea and execution.
This is an adaptation of a graphic novel named, Scott Pilgrim (by Bryan Lee O’Malley). The way Edgar Wright (who co-wrote, directed and produced) choose to craft this movie is not something you will see every day. In fact he deserves enough accolades for this masterpiece in execution.

They are many comic book adaptation that does not go well, but this movie takes this adaptation, adds some sick music to it and made sure watching it will make you never forget see it.
There is nothing as sweet as watching a movie which sets a tone of not taking itself too seriously and sticks to that tone.

The cast, especially Scott played by Michael Cera were amazing in their role like they were born to play them.

The movie has something that I enjoy which is not casting the lead in a light that makes him holier than the crew he had to defeat. He was also guilty of being self-centered which was another journey on its own when seeing this movie.
Scott Pilgrim is the lead of this movie and this fantasy action comedy is about his love life. Scott is dealing with his break up from Envy a girl he is still hooked on. He started dating another girl named Knives while still struggling to let go of Envy.

Scott is a musician and some what of a slacker. He is the bassist in a garage band called Sex Bob-Omb. His band are not selling out tickets anywhere and everything in Scott’s life seems to be at a stand still until he had a visit in his head. It was a girl who came skating by. This turned to some sort of infatuation when Scott actually meets this girl. One way or the other he got her to start going out with him, her name is Ramona.
Scott felt he was in heaven and everything in his life is starting to aline for good, when he got a message and soon a visit.
Ramona has a stream of exes and seven of them have formed like a league. He now has to battle all seven if he wants to be with the woman of his dreams.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World was not at all a box-office success even though the movie has gained a huge cult following. It was a critical success, but the lack of commercial backing is the reason we probably will not see a second part to this great movie.


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