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Osmosis Jones (2001)

Osmosis Jones (2001)


Chris Rock
Laurence Fishburne
David Hyde Pierce
Brandy Norwood
William Shatner
Bill Murray

Directed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly | Animation: Tom Sito and Piet Kroon

Way back in 2001 the voice of Chris Rock came screaming at us right from inside Bill Murray as the white blood cell Osmosis Jones.
This animation and live-action mix was not a big hit back then neither was it a crowd puller at the box office too as it did not making enough money to pull back its budget. This is the only take of this movie there is, and this take for me is good enough family fun.
Seeing it again nineteen years after, I still feel it is a nice movie to get you to think about your health, while entertaining you along the way.

With wonderful voice acting, placed right beside nice acting of a jerk by Bill Murray (playing Frank in this movie), the movie takes place half the time inside Frank and the other half outside him. The live action happens outside with Bill Murray and the animation shows us what is going inside, with nice voice casting. The animation here is average, but it does the job.
We get to see how the things he does on the outside affect him on the inside and how the things happening inside of him affect the outside. The focus of this movie is one of Frank’s white blood cell called Osmosis Jones and his partner a flu drug named Drix.

Frank is not a healthy individual, he eats what he likes, his house is a mess and he is like a toddler who puts anything into his mouth without thinking of where it came from. Frank ate an egg that no one in their right mind could eat and in doing so ingested a rogue virus, named Thrax.
Thrax has been killing people all around, trying to make a name for himself by getting better at killing his mark in fewer days than the previous one.
Thrax has one aim, make the body think that the human has one problem, while the body is focusing on curing those symptoms, he his free to do his work. Osmosis spot’s Thrax and starts to investigate the situation, but he is a rogue white blood cell. He is very impulsive, acting first and thinking later.
When he spots Thrax he goes after him, but he is alone on this battle as his impulsive actions are making it hard to get everyone onboard his mission.

I seem to enjoy this movie every time I see it, I can understand that this is not meant to be one of those box office blow out, but I guess this is what Disney watched to know what they should not do to make sure that the Pixar/Disney movie, Inside Out was a box office hit.


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