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The Sleepover (2020)


The Sleepover (2020)


Sadie Stanley
Maxwell Simkins
Cree Cicchino
Lucas Jaye
Ken Marino
Joe Manganiello
Malin Åkerman

Directed by Trish Sie

I guess there are some peps in just sitting through a movie without having an idea what it is supposed to be about. That will be ruined now for anyone reading this review before seeing the movie, so sorry.

The movie is very captivating, it gives out the Spy Kids vibe only this time I seem to be more engaged. The plot is clean, the comedy is homely and the movie created characters with so much energy that you have to be calm on their behalf. No overly stuffed special effect and action sequences (not saying that there isn’t any) like you’d see in Spy Kids. The plot is written to make things look down to earth and not over the top in all most cases.

The movie is well written from my view to keep you curious on one thing, “what will happen when these children finally get to mum and dad, who have been kidnapped.”

The movie plot introduces us to the Finchs, a family composed of mother and father, Margot and Ron with their two children. The eldest child is a girl named Clancy and the youngest a very overly excited boy, Kevin. As usual the children believe their parents are not cool, especially Clancy who is having issues with her mother. Their major clash seems to pertain on Margot not allowing Clancy to have the usual teenage experience. She seems to want to protect her from probably everything.

After a mother and daughter fight, which resulted in Clancy being grounded she and her best friend Mim, decided to sneak out and go for Clancy’s crush birthday party. That night Kevin’s friend Lewis was having a sleepover at Kevin and the two were at the backyard camping. During the boys camping the girls sneaked out and were just chilling in the boy’s tent when Lewis went in to pee. It was there he saw Margot being called Mathilde by two people who broke into the house, she and Ron were now drugged and kidnapped. Before being drugged Margot left something behind for her kids to find. Lewis tells the others, then in comes a man (which the four jumps) claiming to be an officer.

They see the clue she left behind and decided to go find their parents with the help of Mim and Lewis. What I really enjoyed about this movie is how things kept going wrong with the kidnapped couple and how the children were smart and very lucky enough to keep up with the trail left behind by their mother.

The Sleepover is on Netflix and it is something you will enjoy seeing with the children. The movie is tasty and does not try to bore you with needless action or stunts.

It stars Sadie Stanley who plays Kim Possible on the TV Show on Disney Channel.


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