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Halloween Kills (2021)


Halloween Kills (2021)



Jamie Lee Curtis

Judy Greer

Andi Matichak

Will Patton

Directed by David Gordon Green

Lazy writing, lazy editing and directed like a low-budget horror movie, Halloween Kills is all the cliché horror movie antics with no style. This movie wasted a good layup from Halloween (2018).

A third of the movie had nothing actually happening, just people running around getting into each others way. The second third is about things that happened in the past, with flashbacks and what not, which amounted to nothing at all in the present. The final third of the movie is just Michael killing with all the horror movie cliché you know.

Back in 2018 when we got back to the Michael Myers saga I was not expecting the first movie to be good, but it was. The 2018 Halloween had the suspense thrill and the need excitement/horror to make you want to see what else they have packed for this trilogy. Now that I have seen this (Halloween Kills) I can safely say they pulled out all their rabbits from the hat in the first movie, this was dreadful.

You can actually skip the first twenty minutes, It was all flash backs and a town losing their heads. Then the movie packed itself with so much killings and death that it became boring.

Halloween Kills falls in the genre of normal slasher movie formula where the bad guy is one man and no one can stop him. In fact, what this movie teaches is that even a mob of angry blood thirsty citizens cannot stop the killing spree of Michael Myers.

After wasting twenty minutes of my time running around from what happened in the last movie and years before, we see Michael on the prowl. He is killing everyone he runs into without a break in flow. The towns people are angry and formed a militia of some sort to find and kill him. Like horror movies go, the bad guy is super human with some level of luck always on his side. Either the people trying to shoot him run out of bullet when he is centimeters close to them, or they miss out of fear and run out of bullet trying, you know these things. People getting stuck in a spot out of fear and he just walks and kills them. There is one in this movie, where a man is sitting in the back sit, and waits his turn to be stabbed through the eye. This movie has the typical stupid people thinking, you know he has killed everyone before me so I believe I have a shot, so I will take him on.

The movie does not do anything useful with the fine start the 2018 revamp gave. Instead it kicks this movie off with a chaos and then jumped from one chaos to another. Laura (Jamie Lee Curtis) had little to do in this movie, as she was hurt from the incident in the first. So it was up to her daughter and grand-daughter to try and do something. Well, the grand-daughter decided she and her crew of wasted meat were the best to go stop this man, well since there is a third movie to be released in the franchise it is no spoiler if I say they failed.


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