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Copshop (2021)

Copshop (2021)



Gerard Butler

Frank Grillo

Alexis Louder


Directed by Joe Carnahan


I was so much in the mood for some old-time action thriller where the game is set from the start and the stack is against the protagonist and everything is lined up for a plain old shootout. The movie’s style is who will out last who, from the start we have pegged the protagonist rookie office Val as some who is way over her heads. She does the rookie officer good guy move of being very inquisitive which annoys all the old guys. So similar a character development to every rookie cop movie you have seen.

The movie’s plot is not one of those spectacular things that needs some deep thoughts to keep up. The movie is done in 80s style where we have an antihero whose job is to stop the bad guys who cross the men he works for. Cinematography style and directing style from Joe Carnahan is something you can find he seems to have knack for. If you have seen his other movies like Smokin' Aces, The A-Team, The Grey and Boss Level, you have basically set to see this one if you enjoyed the others.

Back to the movie, Val (and only Val) noticed something was up with today’s tally of two arrest. These men don’t just add up, we have Teddy (Frank Grillo) who punched her in the mouth so he can get arrested. Second there is Bob (Gerard Butler) who acted drunk and drove into parked police officer cars so he too will be arrested and placed in the same room as Teddy. Now in the same cop station is an officer who is in the books with the wrong people and has been tasked to assist with the Teddy situation.

So, what is the Teddy situation? Here is where the movie decided to disappoint.

His matter was not as complex enough to warrant all the fuss. It may have but the movie did not give enough insight. His crimes are said in a succinct short version to get back to the psychopath hitman who has broken into the station and wants to get the money on Teddy’s head. Our psychopath (Anthony) sees Bob is also on the case to kill Teddy and get the money placed on his head.

But Bob seems to be locked up and Anthony has killed all the cops in the station (with some help) and Val seems to be the only one alive who barred herself in the bulletproof prison where Teddy and Bob is being held.

Val is shut and she is bleeding, and Anthony has decided to get to them via a wall he intends to knock down. She needs assistance to stop these men and she does not know who to trust, Teddy the self-centered liar or Bob the hitman.

Copshop was a fun watch and will be one for the action loving people.


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