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Ambulance (2022)

Ambulance (2022)



Jake Gyllenhaal

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Eiza Gonzalez


Directed by Michael Bay


I will give this movie an average rating for basically being all out there to make you have fun watching an action flick. The movie’s fast-pace shoot-em up style, is something you will enjoy if you are into, gun shooting and car chases. The acting of the leads and the story not that much, the holes in the plot are so much, that you just have to ignore much to enjoy this movie. I feel Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance lacked conviction for the character he was playing. His co-lead, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II character was poorly put together and his behaviour at times were more annoying than they should. That aside I enjoyed a bit the action ride and furthermore liked how Bay decided to kill one of the officers leading the pursuit. Even though the movie had some predictability all over it, that aspect of killing the annoying officer leading the case halfway into him doing his job, I did not see that coming. Movies always have such annoying characters who you wish someone will just get punched in the face, but Bay went one up, killed him. Another plus for the movie is the cinematography, I enjoyed it.

Ambulance is about a bank robbery gone so majorly wrong that you could not think of another way it could have been more messed up than this movie did. Danny (Gyllenhaal) and Will (Abdul-Mateen II) are adoptive brothers who were raised by an abusive criminal father. Danny went down the same path as Daddy, while Will joined the army to get away from it all.

After his was done, he comes back home to nothing. He is now poor and unable to care for his family. His wife needs $231,000 for an experimental surgery that his insurance will not cover. He reaches out to Danny for help, and Danny decided to bring him into his gang of bank robbery. We come to understand that Danny has been robbing banks for years and has been doing so very successfully. This one with Will did not go as planned.

Everything went up in smoke when an officer named Zach, who has a crush on a bank teller wanted to get her number to ask her out. It so happens that Danny and his gang were robbing the bank at that instant. The LAPD shows up quickly on scene and kills all Danny’s gang, leaving Will and Danny to escape. The two hijack an ambulance and hold the paramedic and the cop Zach hostage.

They drive off in the ambulance while being chased by cops and Danny starts to call in favors, hoping that he can get away with the $16 million he and Will still have in their possession.

I can only say watch this if there is nothing better to watch, other than that it is just another Bay movie with lots of noise and less than average coherent thinking by the actors.


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