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Morbius (2022)

Morbius (2022)




Jared Leto

Matt Smith

Adria Arjona


Directed by Daniel Espinosa

Morbius is a totally lazy movie script brought to life, no matter the look this was not a horror dark tale as you would have expected. The movie is so lazily put together with a script that lacks any form of creativity. The movie runs its own race in drafting out an origin story for Michael Morbius and it does play freely with the powers of the living vampire. This freedom is abused by bad directing, no form of character depth at all and bad editing. It created its own villain and with such space has time to make the best of everything but made a mess of it all. I think Jared Leto’s play on acting with Morbius was just too intensely serious for this script, so the magical colors that Matt Smith brought to his character Milo helped a lot. Other than that, I feel this was a bad job, done badly.

The effects of the bats in the fight against Milo in the end was anticlimactic. The movie plot has similar starts to that which we are familiar with concerning Morbius, a Nobel award winning biologist with a rare blood condition. In this Sony’s Morbius, Morbius has an adopted brother named Milo with whom they share the same blood condition and met in a hospital wing when children. While Morbius is alone, Milo comes from a very wealthy background and now that they have grown, Milo became Morbius benefactor for his experiments to find a cure for their sickness.

Morbius finally found a way out, a fusion of vampire bat DNA with that of humans. He tried it on himself and as you know from the comics, things did not go as planned. Morbius woke up hungry and killed everyone in his lab draining them of their blood by sucking them dry, except his lover Bancroft who was knocked out in all the commotion.

Milo gets wind of what has happened and ask Morbius to inject him too, but Morbius refused. This led to Milo breaking into Morbius lab and using a nurse he was able to get himself injected with the spliced DNA. He too became like Morbius a living vampire, but unlike Morbius who is struggling to keep his urges in check, Milo is running crazy causing chaos. Now Morbius takes it upon himself to stop Milo.

The movie for me tried to ride the waves of Sony’s best Marvel attempt so far, Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). No Way Home gave Sony some ideas. They can use the liberty caused by Doctor Strange’s spell to tansport characters from the MCU. This is limited to characters they have license on, which was something they did in the end. They transported one of Spider-Man’s villain from the MCU into Sony’s Spiderverse.

I do have regrets seeing this movie and I hope nobody has to go through the same struggle.


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