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Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy Gilmore (1996)



Adam Sandler

Christopher McDonald

Julie Bowen

Carl Weathers


Directed by Dennis Dugan


There is one part of my movie watching life that never seem to add up, I have never seen Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore. I decided to go see it and honestly, I wish I never did. I cannot deter you enough not to see this movie. The movie is horrible, boring, and not funny at all. The short-tempered Happy (Adam Sandler) is annoying, childish and as the movie carried on, I kept wondering how he was the good guy. His character sucked so much that they had to write his antagonist to step out of line so much for him to be classified as the bad guy, instead of the man who does not want a joke to come ruin the game he loved.

What made this movie champ the path for Sandler went over my head.

The movie follows the life of short-tempered Happy who wanted to be a hockey player at-all-cost. Happy’s dream of being a hockey player took over his life that nothing else mattered except his grandmother. His antics and his temper were so like what you will see from a five-year-old.

There is an aspect of the movie watching world who find this funny, I wish I can understand how? How do you enjoy the exaggerated, unrealistic behaviour of a man child?

Happy had one hell of a slap shot that he could hit a hocky cock and it will travel miles. He found out he could make some money swindling people, so he took his hitting game to a golf shooting range to swindle more people. It was there that Happy met golf trainer and former pro-golfer Chubbs (Carl Weathers) who wanted to train him to be a pro-golfer himself. But when Happy heard that he can make money if he goes for a golf tour, he went after the money so he can get the money needed to save his grandmother’s home form foreclosure. It is from there that the movie took a nose-dive from manageable to the point of annoying ridiculousness. The game of golf had to tolerate this annoying character and somehow he became a superstar.

Then there is the love interest who decided to fall for Happy a man who is shown to have no control of his temper. It was not that the bar is lowered by that annoying antagonist, far from it the antagonist wanted nothing to do with her romantically. It was just Happy whom she fell for.

This made it look more like she had a problem and only wants to be with men who are too childish to take control of their own life.

There are better Adam Sandler movies out there which I have seen back when I was younger and some which I can even point to now and this is not one of them.


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