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Hustle (2022)

Hustle (2022)





Adam Sandler

Queen Latifah

Ben Foster

Juancho Hernangomez


Directed by Jeremiah Zagar


Here is a good movie that makes me believe that Adam Sandler seems to be amazing when it comes to doing drama now adays than when he attempts comedy. The days when his comedies used to hit home runs have gone.

The odd combination of production companies known for dishing out bad mediocre movies. We have Netflix which we have complained time and time again that they do not produce good original content. Then we have Adam Sandler’s happy Madison whose idea of a good movie is a goof ball running loose, with bad lines and a lacklustre script. Both have had better movie production days in the past and it seemed like that’s how best they would be remembered. But this movie is amazing. Hustle is a sport drama that does not try to do anything new. Its setup is something you will be familiar with. And the whole put together lay-up of two people down on their luck meeting by chance and go out there to prove the world wrong, we have seen before. But what this movie lacks in originality it makes up for in performance. Sandler’s cool level-headed character (Stanley Sugerman) paired with Bo (Juancho Hernangomez) passionate need to succeed and lack of control is one matchup that makes this movie amazing.

I loved the back and forth of trying so hard to get Bo noticed as a great basketball player. Also love the idea of Stanley taking a chance on his life on a person who seems to always lose it at the last minute.

The movie is about a former basketball player who is now an international scout. Stanley just wants to migrate from traveling round the world to becoming a coach. He saw his dream flash before his eyes when he finally got his dream job, and a death pulled the rug from under him. On another scouting gig he saw Bo hustling some guys for money on the basketball court in Spain. He saw something great in Bo and recruited him, the problem is the club he works for does not want to sign an unknown. And Stanley decided to take a chance on himself, he put his whole career and money on the line to make sure that Bo gets a shot.

In the end, the movie ends the way sport movies always end. But it was a fun ride and I believe everyone should go see this movie. With all the junk on Netflix which happens to have massive viewing which blows my mind, good movies like this go under the radar.


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