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The Wedding Singer (1998)

The Wedding Singer (1998)





Adam Sandler

Drew Barrymore

Christine Taylor


Directed by Frank Coraci


Spoilers Alert:

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore made a good onscreen pairing in this movie. The Wedding Singer is about a man who had his heart ripped out in-front of all his friends and later falls madly in love with another lady who he is supposed to help plan a wedding.

The movie is fun, and I did enjoy seeing it again because I had fun memories of seeing this movie when I was much younger. Seeing it all matured now, even though the nostalgia had me I do believe this movie is an ok comedy pass with a script that lacked that total conviction needed to push it off into space.

The romance that started between Robbie (Adam Sandler) and Julia (Drew Barrymore) came out of no-where and from a situation that seems too impossible to occur. Julia had to get help from another man who is suffering from heartbreak to plan a wedding which he himself could not have. That seemed very insensitive of Julia to ask such a thing, but the movie found a way to make it work. They did this by making Glenn (Julia’s fiancé) a jerk. The movie made up for the sappy script romantic pairing by indirectly saying she was going to be unhappy anyways, so Robbie came to save the day.

The plot is about a wedding singer Robbie, who gets left at the altar by his supposed to be wife. Robbie and his friends are the only ones majorly in town who do wedding gigs. It was at a wedding gig before his own catastrophe that Robbie meets Julia (who waitress at weddings). They start a friendship promising to help each other at their own weddings. Julia was there at Robbie’s wedding as a waitress when he goes left. Robbie is in a spiral losing his mind when he gets an invite to Julia’s engagement party he goes and his friendship with Julia grows. When Glenn proposes to Julia, a wedding is needed to be put together for the new couple in town. Julia asks Robbie to help with the planning to which he agrees. Soon the time the two spent together blossoms their friendship into love. To help along the way, Glenn turns out to be a womanizer so Robbie trying to snatch his girl was in this movie’s way justified.

In the end, The Wedding Singer is one of those movies from Adam Sandler’s past that I will always fondly remember as one of his bests. Even though it does not cut it much now in comparison to wonderful comedies of the 90s. It still holds up in my head as one of the cool movies I saw back then.


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