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Gran Turismo (2023)

Gran Turismo (2023)




David Harbour

Orlando Bloom

Archie Madekwe

Darren Barnet


Directed by Neill Blomkamp


Gran Turismo is a fun racing game and the idea to make a movie from someone’s real-life based on the experience they got from this game is epic. This movie is a  biographical sports drama film about the life of Jann Mardenborough.

The movie is intense and tried its best to sidestep away from the dramatic cheesiness of Hollywood films. The part of the movie when the CGI comes in when the character imagines he is in a game car driving off crazy is worth seeing. The idea that this happened to someone makes it crazier to watch.

No matter how good I am at a game, why will I want to make that a reality?

This question went through my mind while watching this film and made me give the character props for even thinking he can do this.

The acting is very nice, and the way the movie takes its adrenaline moments up each turn makes for great TV. I did not even notice that the movie was over an hour long.

I enjoyed seeing a bit of the idea of the game and how anyone in Nissan thought it was a good idea to see if they can take the people who score the highest points in the game to a real-life track and see if they can do the things they do on the screen.

The movie starts with a glimpse of the idea for the game creation, to make players feel like they are on the real track, in a racing game. Then we see Orlando Bloom character Danny a marketing executive, present an idea to the board to get these players who are good at this game and turn them into real racer car drivers. He hired a former driver and now mechanic to train these people to get the best out of the top ten racers in the world.

Jann was selected to be the SIM driver who will now be a real-life racer.

The film did its best not to gloss out the difficulties he would have faced making this transition, the pain and suffering involved. Of course, what is a good film without a made-up rivalry, so this movie also had its own villain.

In the end the movie did justice in my book to having a good time at the cinema, I do not know much about racing, but this movie brought me in and made me read and watch some of the things I only see clips of in adverts.

This movie is easy to see and worth your time if you go to the cinema to see it.


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