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Krull (1983)

Krull (1983)





 Ken Marshall

Lysette Anthony

Freddie Jones

Francesca Annis

Directed by Peter Yates


Krull is one of those good ideas gone rogue. It starts with a pointless claim about the future saviour, which plants a seed that this film will have a future jump. Then we are dropped into a battle where the good guys carry swords, and the bad guys shoot lasers. In case I forgot to mention, there is no future jump, so the introduction talk was pointless.

This is a film set in another galaxy and time, where our hero’s planet Krull is invaded by aliens. The visual effects of this film made in the 80s are very glamorous and impressive. The story is so silly and ridiculous, I cannot for the life of me understand how someone or anyone would have thought this was worth shooting and not a re-write.

First, we are told, there is a princess who will bear a child that will save the world, then that whole thing is made irrelevant. The princess is captured by the alien leader, and you will not be able to guess why.

The alien leader sent his men to the wedding of the Prince and the Princess, as they wanted to wed to strengthen their kingdoms. After the wedding ceremony, the battle begins and it was a slaughter, as swords have no impact on men with laser guns.

Somehow everyone but the prince survived this ordeal and without any form of character background a man is seen, in the next scene, taking care of the prince’s wounds.

Who is this man, you ask; he is called the old one. That is all the character background we have on him, something you can see or hear if you are blind.

He drops all the hints of follow me to meet a man who will tell us where to go to stop these aliens. So, they head out, and meet someone else, another pointless individual to the whole film.

Then they run into some bandits, how he was able to convince these men to join in his quest, is a miracle only the writer can explain because his words to them made no sense at all.

With these men, they head out to get the needed direction so they can go ahead and stop these aliens from wiping them all out of their planet.

The film’s plot played like when my little niece sits on my lap and tells me a story of a princess. Knowing that a part of my life was wasted seeing this film, is depressing.


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