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Ladyhawke (1985)

Ladyhawke (1985)



Matthew Broderick

Rutger Hauer

Michelle Pfeiffer

Leo McKern

John Wood


Directed by Richard Donner


I enjoyed this film more than I thought I could, and even though the film did not make full use of the cross between sword play and sorcerer, it managed to conjure an adventure romance that entertains. I liked how the film kept some secrets to itself, and only reveals them when you are halfway in.

Matthew Broderick handled the comedy aspect of the film, and his wisecracks at times always hits home.

The film has some nice visuals, and the cinematography is fun to see, the film’s story was what did not make this film go over the top as a classic and bring in the box-office money at the time of release, but it is worth the time I spent seeing it.

Set in medieval times when the church ran the country by using the fear of God, this film takes place in a land called Aquila. This film is about two lovers who got cursed, they cannot see one another from the moment their love is known. When the sun is up, one turns into a hawk and remains a hawk until the sun goes down, but the other than changes into a wolf. So, the two never meet in their human state.

Also happening is a thief named Phillipe Gaston (Broderick), who happens to fall into a hole and used that opportunity to escape from the dungeon he is placed in, on the day he was meant to be executed.

The bishop was not happy about this and sent the captain of the guard with some men to find Gaston and kill him. Gaston was sloppy, and he took his escape for guaranteed and when he was about to celebrate his escape by making an announcement in a bar in another town, it turns out the captain of the guard and his men were in that bar at that time in disguise as regulars. His proclamation of a toast to celebrate his escape, led to them jumping up with swords and catching him, when they wanted to kill him, he was rescued by a man named Etienne of Navarre, the former Captain of the Guard of Aquila.

His presence caused a stir among the men of the guards, and he helped Gaston to escape, he took Gaston with him and gave him the condition to help him find his way back into Aquila, as he has some business with the bishop.

I will be watching this film for a second time, as I enjoyed it that well enough to want to see it again.


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