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The Beekeeper (2024)

The Beekeeper (2024)



Jason Statham

Emmy Raver-Lampman

Josh Hutcherson

Bobby Naderi


Directed by David Ayer


The Beekeeper is a Statham style action film for his fans. But do not be fooled by the ratings. This film is so bad it is borderline irritating. The dialogues are just what you get when you let chickens peck away on a keyboard. The overuse of the words, bees, beehives, and beekeeper is amazing, it was almost impossible for there to be a scene where dialogues are involved and one or more of these words are not said loudly. If you are a Statham fan and love this ridiculous action film style he does, then this film is for you, if you are like me and want to see a good film, then this is a miss.

The film plot is not manageable, and the execution is laughable. I understand that he must be a top-notch unstoppable guy, but there is a point when it started to look ridiculous. It got to a point where his replacement was sent to deal with him, and the fact that the person sent as his replacement was so useless in handling him was laughable. Everyone is a joke, which made the film annoying, he will work into a place where people got guns, and they are shooting (missing) and he will work up to them or sneak up and kill them.

Anyway, the film is about a character named Adam Clay (Statham) who as the film puts him is a beekeeper. Beekeepers are great killers the U.S. government created to handle things that are beyond the matters they can handle normally or covertly. Adam is retired, and he lives the rest of his life alone tending to bees. The idea that the character and his replacement are actually beekeepers is laughable.

Well, one of Adam’s friends and neighbour killed herself after she got scammed to wire money to scammers. So, Adam decided to track down the people who were responsible and kill them. I will blame the lady, who not only wired away her money, but money from a charity she chaired, if she did not kill herself she probably would have been sent to jail.

Sharing more of the plot will ruin the film for anyone who actually wants to see it, but I can tell you the film is not worth the time for anyone who just wants to have a good time seeing a film.

In the end, the film sets itself up for a second part, with many more insane things for Statham’s character to do. With the kind of money it made from the release, I believe a second part will not be far away from production.


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